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Preslia is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original research papers on plant systematics, morphology, phytogeography, ecology and vegetation science, with a geographical focus on central Europe, although more general topics from other parts of the world are also invited. The journal was founded in 1914 and named in honour of brothers Jan Svatopluk Presl (1791–1849) and Karel Bořivoj Presl (1794–1852), outstanding Bohemian botanists. It is published quarterly by the Czech Botanical Society, Benátská 2, Praha 2, CZ-128 01, Czech Republic, and is sent to subscribers or as an exchange to 46 countries of all continents.

Petr Pyšek
Institute of Botany, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Průhonice
Zdeněk Kaplan
Institute of Botany, The Czech Academy of Sciences, Průhonice

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